Security Hand Held Metal Detector


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Corona Virus   Helps reduce physical contact when searching subjects – reducing the chances of contracting Corona viral infections.

This security hand held metal detector is an excellent device to prevent knives and weapons being taken into bars and nightclubs. High sensitivity means small hidden metal objects can be detected. Red & Green LED lights alert to the detection of metal. The detector has dual operation modes of Sound or Vibration. Perfect for Security, Safety, Indoor/Outdoor Events, schools, cafeterias for food safety, sports events, airport, or anywhere you need dependable metal detection.

CE Approved

CE Approved


The sensitivity of the detector is determined primarily by the size, shape and material of the detected objects.

Typical performance figures: Maximum Detection Range

38 Caliber hand gun: 15cm (low sensitivity), 20cm (optimum sensitivity)

Knife: 10cm (low sensitivity), 15cm (optimum sensitivity)

Razor Blade: 5cm (low sensitivity), 10cm (optimum sensitivity)

  • Rugged ABS construction
  • CE Approved
  • High sensitivity
  • Two Modes: Sound or vibration
  • Easy & Convenient to use
  • Pre-set sensitivity level that does no adjustment
  • Operates on one 9-volt alkaline or rechargeable battery

Note: 9 volt alkaline battery supplied





Supplier of Industrial Portable Metal Detection Products from Shenzhen Senit  Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Metal Detectors designed to meet the exact requirements of the Security industry.

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