METAL-TEC® TE-1400 (Hand Held Weapon Detector)

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Metal-Tec Weapon Detectors


Corona Virus  Helps reduce physical contact when searching subjects – reducing the chances of contracting Corona viral infections.

The Metal-Tec 1400, original compact silent vibrating metal weapon detector designed for law enforcement. Allows the user to pinpoint the physical location of an object and determine it’s threat level based on the shape and size of the object.

The METAL-TEC TE-1400 was designed to be used as an enhancement of the hand during searches, it can assist in locating with pinpoint accuracy, metal objects which may have been otherwise overlooked. The METAL-TEC requires only one hand for operation, the METAL-TEC can be held between the forefinger and the thumb freeing up the other fingers during a search or frisking of the subject. METAL-TEC can find a metal object, and pinpoint its location without the need for constant sweeping motion. There is no adjustment necessary on the unit, sensitivity is factory preset and automatically compensates for temperature changes which may affect sensitivity.

Another feature of the METAL-TEC allows the 9-volt battery to be inserted in either direction (non-polarity sensitive) making battery replacement in the field easy and uncomplicated. METAL-TEC also includes a low battery indicator which was designed to notify the user that the battery has been depleted to a level which no longer meets operating specifications. The low battery indicator causes the unit to constantly vibrate as soon as the power is turned on, which notifies the user to replace the battery. This feature removes the possibility of the unit being used with a weak battery which may give incorrect detection results. The heavy-duty Polypropylene holster contains a metal snap, to allow easy removal of the holster from the duty belt. The snap also serves as a test feature to indicate proper operation of the METAL-TEC when removed from the holster, if the unit continues to vibrate, this indicates a low battery condition. If the unit is left on when it is returned to the holster, METAL-TEC will start to vibrate in the holster to remind you to turn it off.

METAL-TEC includes a heavy-duty Polypropylene holster and vehicle mounting kit. Using the self-adhesive Velcro® mounting kit, allows the METAL-TEC to be mounted to the prisoner cage, door panel, windows, organizers, radio console, or any smooth surface in a vehicle or building. This allows the officer to switch between carrying it on the belt or vehicle mounting for easy access.
METAL-TEC is manufactured in the United States of America.

  • Water Resistant Housing Made of High Impact ABS Plastic
  • Can withstand 6,800 Pounds Per Square Inch
  • Detects all Metals (both ferrous & nonferrous)
  • Non-slip Vinyl Rubber Grip
  • Simple Operation, No Adjustment Needed, Push On/Off Button Concealed In The Grip
  • Approximately 2,000 Searches with One 9 Volt Alkaline Battery (Included)
  • Includes; Heavy Duty Black Polypropylene Belt Holster, Vehicle Mounting Kit, one 9V Battery and user Manual
  • Engineered & Assembled in the USA and includes a Three Year Manufacturer’s Warranty (the USA only)
  • FCC Approved / Protected by US Patents No. 5,959,451 & Design Patent No. D410,399
  • METAL-TEC® is a Registered Trademark of Torfino Enterprises, Inc.

TACTICAL THINGS are the UK distributor of these devices and welcome any enquiries from Police forces and Security companies etc. ‘Please Contact Us

With the present awareness and need for higher security in public places, the fight against knife and gun crime in the UK, Tactical Things has been supplying Police, Schools and important Government buildings in the UK with the Metal-tec 1400 handheld metal detector.
We are honoured to have supplied UK Government with the Metal-tec 1400 for the security of important Government buildings.

Questions about the Metal-Tec 1400

What is Metal-TEC 1400?

The Metal-TEC 1400 is the original compact silent weapons detector built for Law Enforcement and Corrections, with advanced detection features which allow the user to distinguish the size, mass and shape of a hidden metal object.

What is “Vibration Signature”?

Vibration Signature is a feature of the Metal-TEC 1400 which can help the user in determining the approximate physical shape and size of a metal object being detected.

How Do I Use Vibration Signature?

After detecting a metal object, take the Metal-TEC and turn it on end, pointing its narrow probe end toward the object. Now move the Metal-TEC up and down (vertically) and side to side (horizontally) over the object being detected. By observing where, and when the vibration starts and stops while moving the Metal-TEC over the object, the operator can determine its approximate length and width which will help determine the objects physical size, and pinpoint its location.

What is “Density Discrimination”?

Density Discrimination is a feature of the Metal-TEC 1400 which can help you determine the possible threat level of the metal object being detected based upon the amount of metal in the object. The distance at which the Metal-TEC 1400 detects an object can help the user determine the object’s mass relative to its volume.

How do I use Density Discrimination?

Larger objects such as handguns can be detected approximately 3 to 4 inches away. Smaller objects such as razor blades can be detected approximately 1 to 2 inches away, and metal foil (which may contain drugs) can be detected approximately 1 /8 inch to 1 inch away based on the size or amount of foil.

Does my Metal TEC 1400 come with a warranty?

Yes, every unit comes from the factory with a 3-year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Is my Metal-TEC 1400 water-resistant?

Yes, the Metal-TEC 1400 is water-resistant to a distance of 35 Feet.

How do I turn on my Metal-TEC?

Press the On/Off button located on the centre of the unit under the vinyl grip. Press the button once to turn the unit on, and again to turn the unit back off. Do not hold the power button down.

Why does my Metal-TEC 1400 vibrate in the holster?

The unit was designed so that the Metal-TEC would vibrate when in the holster. This is a sort of “self-test” to show that the unit is working, and also prevents leaving the unit on after performing a search.

How do I know if my Metal-TEC 1400 has detected metal?

When the Metal-TEC 1400 starts to vibrate it indicates the presence of metal.

Will wearing jewellery affect use of the Metal-TEC 1400?

Yes, wearing jewellery while performing a search is not recommended as it may cause the unit to give false readings.

Do I ever need to calibrate my Metal-TEC 1400?

No, the sensitivity on each unit is factory calibrated and automatically compensates for temperature changes.

Why does my Metal-TEC 1400 vibrate constantly even when no metal is present?

This may be an indication that your battery is running low. Replace the battery with a new 9v Alkaline battery. If the problem persists contact Torfino Enterprises Inc. for an RMA#.

How do I replace the battery in my Metal-TEC 1400?

Unscrew the two screws holding the battery door on. Gently remove the battery so as not to damage the unit. Insert a new 9v Alkaline battery with the terminals facing into the unit. The battery is non-polarity sensitive, which means it can be placed either direction so long as the battery is inserted terminals first into the unit. Replace the battery cap and screw back on being careful not to overtighten the screws.

How do I remove a battery that is stuck inside the battery compartment?

Turn the unit upside down (With battery compartment facing down) and lightly tap on battery, or move the battery from side to side until it comes loose. Never pull on the stuck battery as this may damage the battery terminals which will require factory servicing.

  • Designed for Police by Police
  • The only silent vibrating metal/weapons detector designed for Law Enforcement
  • Used by Police Departments in 50 States in the USA and by Police Forces in the UK
  • METAL-TEC® TE-1400 The original compact silent metal/weapons detector built for law enforcement.
Police Hand Held Metal Detector Metal-TEC-1400




The original compact silent vibrating metal detector designed for law enforcement. Allows the user to pinpoint the physical location of an object and determine it's threat level based on the objects shape and size. Torfino Enterprises, Inc. >
Metal-Tec Weapon Detectors

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 5 cm

Technical Specifications

  • Detection: Triaxial Detection field, uniformly detects ferrous & nonferrous metals inches away, in all directions regardless of the position relative to the subject
  • Dimensions: L = 7.9” (20.0 cm) W = 1.75” (4.5 cm) H =1.30” (3.3 cm)
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces (249.4 grams)
  • Sensitivity control: Factory set and calibrated
  • Indicators: Silent Vibration
  • Controls: Single control (Power On / Off)
  • Battery: Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (provides 2,000 average 15 second searches)
  • Operating Temperatures: – 15 F ( – 26 C) to + 130 F ( + 54 C)
  • Humidity: 98% Non condensing
  • Case Material: High Impact ABS plastic with a tensile strength: 6,800 p.s.i. (ASTM D 638)
  • Operating Frequency: 360 kHz
  • Regulatory Standards: FCC Part 15 (ID# NJ21200METAL-TEC)
  • Meets Standards: EN 50082-1:1997 harmonized & EN 50081-2:1993 harmonized
  • The Metal-Tec 1400 has been classified with European Union RoHS for sale in the UK

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

Customer Comments

Metal-Tec 1400

Unlike Far Eastern copies the original Metal Tec has precise detection / vibration operations which enable you to benefit from the following advantages

Density Discrimination – The METAL TEC can help to determine the threat level of the object being detected based upon the object’s size. Larger objects such as handguns can be detected approx 3-4 inches away. Smaller objects such as razor blades and handcuff keys can be detected 1-2 inches away. Metal foil which may contain drugs can be detected approx 1 inch away.

Vibration Signature – The METAL TEC can determine the approximate physical shape of any object decteced. Upon detection turn the unit end on to the object and move the METAL TEC up and down and side to side. By observing where the vibration starts and stops you can guage its approx length and width.

Captive screws on the battery compartment – you cannot drop and lose them in the dark.

Positive on/off switch leaves you in no doubt

Comprehensive user manual

Meets with EN50082-1 and EN 50081-2 standards

Letters From the Field

Featured here are letters sent to Torfino Enterprises Inc. from individuals or departments who have used the Metal-TEC 1400 and/or ICE Light products.

TSgt James R. Zelrick  – Military Police (Florida)

I would like to say what an incredible product you have in the METAL-TEC 1400!  We hosted the first Air Show after Sept. 11th and security was top priority.  The plan was to scan everyone for forbidden objects prior to being admitted to the Air Show.  This created quite a problem for us since we only had a few “transfriskers” on hand.  A civilian police officer showed me the METAL-TEC he carried and I immediately knew this is what we needed.

I purchased some units from a local vendor and combined those with the other equipment we had, as well as units I borrowed.  The difference was incredible!  After only a few minutes of training, everyone was comfortable and proficient with the detector.  By the end of the first day I was bombarded with requests from the guys in the field asking for more of the METAL-TECs.  The troops were doing everything they could the second day to get a METAL-TEC instead of the old noisy wands.  The Show went off without a hitch and we amassed a large collection of items ranging from pocket knives to nail files.  Needless to say before this years show I ordered more METAL-TECs.  This product is well made and a definite must for anyone with security concerns.

Thank you for creating such a great tool.


Dir. Richard Mears – University of Maine (Maine)

I am writing this letter to ASLET in order to endorse a product manufactured by Torfino Enterprises known as the “Metal-TEC 1400” to the law enforcement community. I first became acquainted with this hand-held metal detector when I attended the last ASLET conference this past Febuary in Florida.

The device caught my eye because it is small, somewhat inexpensive, and ideal for police use in the field. Its size makes it adaptable to the police officer’s service belt and thus enables the officer to carry a readily usable device to check for weapons and other dangerous objects.

I brought the item back to the state of Maine and turned it over to some colleagues in my former department in Brunswick to field test. The response was very positive and I have since followed it up with a training program for the regional police on use of the 1400. (one of those field testing the device was my son-in-law) I am convinced that this tool will save lives!

Its sensitivity to metal objects is amazing and it provides the officer the ability to conduct an unobtrusive search of street suspects which should result in reduced incidences of complaints against police.

If I had the opportunity I would provide one of these devices to every officer and detective on the street as part of the standard issue of equipment.

I have never endorsed a product in my police career of twenty-five years but in this case I am making an exception. I want to thank ASLET for bringing this to my attention.

Lt . Peter Ebel – Lake Worth Police Dept. (Florida)

On Dec. 10, 2001, officers from the Lake Worth Police Department were engaged in an arrest sweep of street-level drug dealers from whom numerous undercover narcotics purchases had been made. I was with Officers Jozwick and Baer and we arrested two subjects wanted on those felony charges as they sat in the car of one Keith Williams, who has numerous felony arrests for narcotics and firearms. Williams, however, was not wanted on this day.

As we arrested the other two drug dealers, probable cause for a search of Williams’ car was developed due to an odor of marijuana. As we removed Williams, who is a paraplegic, from the car and placed him into a wheelchair, Officer Jozwick noted a large bulge in Williams’ groin area. With the knowledge that Williams had been arrested previously for carrying a concealed firearm and due to the size and shape of the bulge, we wanted to check Williams for weapons so that we could safely search his car.

We employed the Metal-TEC 1400 consistent with the training you provided us. The Metal-TEC alerted to a large metal mass in Williams’ front groin area. Density discrimination worked well in this case, as the metal object in Williams’ groin area caused the Metal-TEC to vibrate from 3-4 inches away from his groin. Officer Jozwick, based on Williams firearms arrest history, the bulge, his nervous actions and the Metal-TEC alert, searched Williams’ pants after he confirmed the device’s alert with a hand frisk.

A loaded Smith and Wesson model 59 was found inside Williams pants, along with a bonus: a pill bottle containing 95 individually packaged cocaine rocks. Williams was arrested on state charges and his car and cash were seized for forfeiture. Federal authorities decided to take this case and Williams was charged with possession with the intent to distribute at least five grams of crack cocaine and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Nine months later, he pled guilty to both charges and was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison.

The Metal-TEC’s alert certainly bolstered the case, providing scientific and verifiable evidence to our observations of the bulge and Williams’ nervousness.

This is not the first time officers from our Department have used the Metal-TEC successfully. In one case, we used it to locate a razor blade, concealed in a suspect’s pocket, that was used in a robbery. The Metal-TEC certainly prevented our officer from being cut by the instrument had he been doing a hand search. Another time, the Metal-TEC alerted on two hypodermic needles in a subject’s pocket. I know your manufacturer information says the Metal-TEC does not find hypodermic needles because they are not dense enough to trigger an alert, but there

must have been enough metal in the two items to alert the officer to their presence. I don’t need to tell you what a nightmare it would have been had the officer searched and been stuck by those used needles.

You have my sincere thanks for creating a product that serves law enforcement professionals in two ways:

1. The Metal-TEC provides an extra margin of officer safety in a world where so many hazards exist

2. It also helps us build better cases, through the use of technology, something that is not always available to officers who work the street.

Tony Adducci – Maricopa County Sheriffs Office (Arizona)

I am a Qualified Armed Posseman with the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office. One evening my partner and I were dispatched to a desert region south east of Mesa Arizona to transport a prisoner to the Mesa jail. On arriving at the scene we found a deputy who had detained a van with 9 illegal aliens on board. The driver was arrested since he had no license or registration. INS was notified but would not respond. It then was necessary to search all nine illegals for contraband, release the passengers, and transport the driver to jail. This was the first time I had the opportunity to use my Metal-Tec and it really worked well. All eight passengers were carrying duffle bags which would have taken a good 45 min. to search by hand in the dark. Using the Metal-Tec I was able to complete the search in less than 15 minutes.

Sgt. Ron Hess – Miamisburg Police Dept. (Ohio)

Recently the Miamisburg Police Department began issuing each one of our marked cruisers a Metal-Tec 1400 silent metal detector for use by the patrol officers during suspect contact. On March 4, 2002, one of the officers after using the Metal-Tec 1400 placed it on the roof of his patrol unit and forgot about it. The next day, it was located by a citizen on a heavily traveled state route. To our surprise we found that after being in the roadway for more than 16 hours that the outer case was in remarkably good condition. Additionally, the unit was still in good working condition and except for abrasions on the outer case it works just as well as the other units we have in service.

Since using the Metal-Tec 1400’s we have been very pleased with their capabilities and this latest incident showed us the durability of the units.

Assoc. Professor Steve Cohen – Nova Southeastern University (Florida)

Reserve Law Enforcement Officer – Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

I was first introduced to the Metal-Tec “compact” detector at the ASLET training session you sponsored in Orlando. Since then, I have had the opportunity to be involved with introducing the product to individual officers, using it on my own and demonstrating its capabilities. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for both a wonderful product and the excellent training and support you provide. As both an educator and law enforcement officer, I sincerely appreciate the innovation, technology and practicality built into this unit.

As the Metal-Tec has a silent vibration alert, the value cannot be overemphasized. Detection of hidden metal objects, particularly weapons, offers tactical advantage, without compromising officer safety and security. As you know, once a subject recognizes that an officer is cognizant of a hidden weapon, the more they are likely to attempt to use it, fight or flee. This alone places the value of the Metal-Tec far ahead of competitor products and search techniques. Other features that we recognize as valuable include it’s simple operation, water resistance, long battery life, and detection technology (ability to located and qualify found objects by size and pinpoint location) are truly valuable to the field officer.

Thanks for your commitment to this quality product, training and officer safety.

Chief Roderic Russell – Donnellson Police Dept. (Iowa)

This is to inform you that our department has adopted the Metal-TEC 1400 for our use.

All officers with this department will be trained in its use.

I want to thank you for the training program as it is hard for small agencies like us to buy equipment of this nature due to our small budgets. Its good to see that big companies like you DO CARE about officer safety.

Chief Jay Andrews – Eddyville Police Dept. (Iowa)

I wanted to write you and thank you for your companies participation in the training program held recently in Ottumwa, Iowa. I participated in the training and was certified as a Metal-TEC 1400 trainer. As a result of this training, the Eddyville Police Department has adopted the Metal-TEC 1400 as our departments official Metal Detector for field use.

I also wanted to thank you for the demonstration Metal-TEC 1400 that you provided to our department. We will put it to good use. Undoubtedly, after using it and seeing how effective it is, other officers on my department may be looking to purchase these detectors as well.

I am impressed by the quality and durability of your product. Please keep up the good work.

Dir. Stephen McCoy – Iowa Crime Commission (Iowa)

The South Iowa Area Crime Commission was pleased to host the successful Metal-Tec training and certification session at Ottumwa, Iowa on August 15, 2001. Feedback from departments in attendance has been positive and our agency plans to incorporate the use of the Metal-Tec 1400 into the routine searching of prisoners prior to booking or transport.

Chief Kenneth Powers – Albia Police Dept. (Iowa)

We would like to thank you for the Metal-Tec 1400 that this department received on August 15, 2001 and for the opportunity to learn how this important device can be used.

This department will be using the Metal-Tec 1400 on all traffic stops that are conducted in order to check for weapons and other concealed objects that might be of a danger to an officers safety. The Metal-Tec 1400 will prevent any dangerous weapons escaping the officers notice thus elminating the possibility of an officer getting injured.

We believe that the Metal-Tec 1400 will be a valuable asset to this department and its personnel.


Chief of Police Jesse R. Whisler  – Mexia I.S.D. Police (Texas)

I would like to say congratulations on developing a remarkable product, the METAL-TEC 1400.  We have purchased the METAL-TEC for our school police department and have found the METAL-TEC to be most helpful at the football and basketball games.  Unlike other metal detectors that are big and cumbersome, these units are light and easy to use.  We have found the units to be helpful in the detection of other contraband that students are restricted to have in their possession.  The detection of weapons on campus is one of our concerns but cell phones also cause problems when used to make a prank 911 call from inside the school.

The METAL-TEC helps deter students from bringing cell phones, pagers, weapons and other contraband into the school.  I am waiting to see what other items your company will develop to help protect not only the Law Enforcement but the citizens as well.  Keep up the good work and keep me informed on future developments.

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  1. David

    Since purchasing one of these devices for our school, they have helped keep us safe. We have now ordered another one of these excellent devices!

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