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Police Approved Personal Panic Rape Attack Alarm & Torch 140db



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This Personal Attack Alarm with torch is secured, Design Approved to a Police Preferred Specification and has been independently tested by Sold Secure, receiving the Gold Award. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Police approved personal alarm has a separate keyring to the activation pin. So unlike many competitors (who sell models where the keyring is the activation pin) in an emergency you can simply throw the pin away. Keeping the alarm and your keys on your person. Having a separate keyring to the activation pin also avoids accidental false alarms.

Protect yourself from dangerous situations with this multifunctional alarm which also features a torch. One of the best selling Alarms due to its small size and ear piercing 140db siren.

Small size with the designer look appealing to younger Employees – 40mm x 60mm x 12mm – Pull Pin Activation – 140 Decibel Siren – Added Torch Facility – Alkaline Batteries Included – Separate Key-Ring

· Bestselling Product
· Design Approved to Police Preferred Specification and independently tested by Sold Secure, receiving the Gold Award
· 140db Siren Alarm
· Separated keyring and activation pin, preventing false activations and deactivation
· Keyring with additional cotton lanyard
· LED Torch at base
· Small size – 40 x 60 x 12 mm. Ideal for keeping at hand at all times
· Weight – 0.044 kg
· Colour – Silver

GM Police Video – 60 Second Security – Personal Attack Alarms

60 Second Security - Personal Attack Alarms

Unbreakable® Self Defence Umbrella:

NTOI Unbreakable Umbrellas

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Minder Personal Attack Alarms the Secured by Design and Sold Secure accreditations mean the product has been independently tested to the highest standards and therefore can be relied upon.

Choosing your Personal Alarm

With so many different Alarms available it is often quite difficult to select which Personal Alarm is best for your needs. One of the most asked question is “Which Personal Attack Alarm should I buy?”  The main consideration above anything else is quality.


When you look for a Personal Attack Alarm the Secured by Design and Sold Secure accreditations mean the product has been independently tested to the highest standards and therefore can be relied upon.

Alarm Size

Personal Alarms come in all shapes and sizes but choosing the right model should reflect how you intend to use your Attack Alarm. For example if it is to carry when going for a night out a smaller Key-ring type alarm, such as the Mini Minder Keyring Torch Alarm would be more beneficial as they are more compact and trendier. The alarm would also be close to hand or attached to your keys etc.

If the Personal Alarm is to be carried in a work premises or attached to a belt, then a larger more robust louder model would be preferable as the fashion conscious aspect is less important and therefore you could choose an alarm which is more powerful. There are also wrist type Alarms for Joggers, Mobility Alarms for the Elderly or disabled and even novelty Alarms in the shape of Bears or Hearts for younger Adults or children.

Ease of use

A pull pin operation is the most popular method of activation for a Personal Alarms as during an incident or attack it is recommended to throw the pin away in order that the Alarm continues to sound and the only way for an assailant to stop the alarm would be to search for the pin and replace it. A personal Alarm is better if the Alarm has a separate Keyring to the activation pin as it allows you to throw the pin to the floor rather than the alarm.

For The Elderly or infirm an Alarm which works on push button operation may be more suitable as it allows ease of activation. Also if an Alarm is to be used when jogging or cycling etc we recommend a wrist/jogger alarm with  push button operation where the Alarm does not need to be carried.

A Personal Attack Alarm should be used as part of a sensible approach to personal safety. The following guide to personal safety is provided by a leading crime prevention officer :-

Personal Safety

Look confident when out & about. Make sure your body language looks like you know where you are going & why.
Tell someone where you are going, who with & when you’ll be back.
Carry a personal attack alarm.
Do not take short cuts & keep to well lit areas at night.
Cross the road if you see people you don’t feel comfortable about. Head towards a place with lots of people and lights.

Stay safe in public places

When using your mobile phone, always be aware of who’s around you. Only use it if it feels safe & be aware using it when leaving train stations, etc. · Keep your bag where you can see it or feel it – not on the back of a chair when out socialising.
Keep expensive watches, jewellery, ipods, phones, etc. out of sight.
Keep your wallet in an inside pocket of your jacket, but remember to remove it if you are going to hang your jacket up somewhere.
Keep your keys in a different place from anything that has your address details on it.

Stay safe at cash machines

Always try to go in daylight hours.
Be aware of who is behind you.
Turn your back so no one can see you enter your pin number.
Never keep the PIN number on you, always memorise it.
Don’t count your cash in full view of strangers, put it straight away in an inside pocket or front trouser pocket.

Stay safe travelling on public transport

Plan your journey there & back and always tell someone.
Find out the train or bus times so you don’t have to wait alone for too long.
Use known taxi firms or black cabs.
Sit as close to the bus driver as possible.
Don’t accept lifts from anyone you don’t know or trust.
Use well lit bus stops in busy areas.
Try and travel with someone or arrange to be met off the bus/train.
Have your keys ready when you get home so you don’t have to search for them & can go straight inside.

Stay safe when cycling

Wear a safety helmet and bright colours, our cycle wraps also enhance visibility at night.
Always lock your bike with a good quality lock when leaving it unattended & property mark it.
Don’t take short cuts, keep to well lit places.


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