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Unbreakable Umbrella

NTOI® Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella U-111 works just as well as a very sturdy walking stick or cane but does not make you look funny or feel awkward. This umbrella protects against rain and everything else. Whacks just as strong as a steel pipe but weighs only 1 lb 8.8 oz (705 g).

  • Legal to carry everywhere
  • Never raises suspicions
  • Does not make you look silly (no strange looks if carried by an able-bodied person)

Our Unbreakable Umbrella has no unusual parts, no more metal than an average umbrella, does not arouse suspicion, can be carried legally everywhere (including where any weapons are prohibited), unlike a walking stick it does not cause strange looks if carried by an able-bodied person, and it does protect from rain (it is covered in state-of-the-art waterproof fabric). Anyone who can use a stick for defence can use this umbrella. for security. Do you know how to swing a baseball bat? Do you know how to strike with a sturdy stick? If you do, you know all you need to know Do you practice such martial arts as Hapkido, Jodo, Kendo, Kali, Escrima, Le Baton or La Canne? Do you practice with Chinese weapons or Indian weapons? Then you know even more and you can truly appreciate this Unbreakable Umbrella.

Our Unbreakable Umbrellas are handcrafted in the European Union from the highest quality materials and perform in rain and wind just like the highest quality rain umbrellas. Frames of Standard Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrellas are machine-made with fibreglass and polyamide. Shafts of these frames can support well over 100-kg (220-lb) weight. Frames of Standard Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrellas are warranted not to break under normal use.

Your safety for only £135.00!

Use and Care Information

Whenever your umbrella gets wet, leave it open to dry. Allow your umbrella to dry fully before folding. Otherwise, mildew will form on the fabric of the umbrella.

Buyer Beware!

Dealers and Fakeshops on different platforms, also at amazon in EU and UK allow fakes to be sold as the UNBREAKABLE® UMBRELLA. To buy the authentic UNBREAKABLE® UMBRELLA please ensure and check that it comes from the sole supplier in the UK, ‘TACTICAL THINGS’. 

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Product Demonstrations:

The real deal: U-111 – The Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Standard Model Straight Handle

The real deal: U-111 - The Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Standard Model Straight Handle

NTOI® Unbreakable® Wind Tunnel Test of Unbreakable® Umbrella Models U-111 and U-115

Wind Tunnel Test of Unbreakable® Umbrella Models U-111 and U-115

NTOI® Unbreakable® Review of the Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella with a Rubber Tip and a Groundless Guess on Self-Defense (Coconuts Were Harmed)

Review of the Unbreakable® Umbrella w/ a Rubber Tip & a Guess on Self-Defense (Coconuts Were Harmed)

U-111 Unbreakable Umbrella QR code

U-111 Unbreakable Umbrella QR code



Never Thought of It®

Never-Thought-of-It LLC (NTOI) has the know-how to produce inconspicuous, ingenuously simple EDC (everyday carry) gear for situations in which a low profile and compliance with restrictions on weapon possession are a must.


Additional information

Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 cm


  • Model: U-111
  • Main rod: Proprietary composite
  • Handle: straight
  • Ribs: fibreglass
  • Fabric: high-density polyester with anti-UV backing
  • Weight: 1 lb 8.8 oz (705 g)
  • Length: 36.75 in (933 mm)
  • Open diameter: 47.00 in (1194 mm)
  • Automatic open/Manual close
  • Each umbrella comes with a fabric sleeve/sheath and two rubber tips.
  • Colour: Black with sheath/cover


Limited Five (5) Year Warranty

Our Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrellas Standard are handcrafted from the highest quality materials. Shafts of these umbrellas can support a 100-kg (220-lb.) weight. Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella Standardframes are warranted not to break under normal use (no throwing them under a heavy truck or a train, no chopping with an axe, no banging with a hammer, no throwing into a wood chipper, no setting on fire, or subjecting them to other abuses). This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or accident (such as throwing the Unbreakable Umbrellas under a train or a bulldozer, and subjecting them to other similar unreasonable stresses), nor does it cover damage to fabric as well as scratches inflicted in the course of trying them out, or as a result of normal wear and tear. Any alteration of the Unbreakable Umbrella, including disassembly of elements of the frame (except as required to replace the canopy), will void our warranty.

Should the frame of Unbreakable Umbrella Standardbreak under normal use (whatever is normal for the strongest walking stick and an umbrella, of course) within five years of the date of original purchase, please contact the seller (us or another authorized seller of the Unbreakable Umbrella from whom you have purchased it), provide your original sales receipt and a photo (no larger than 300KB or 640px by 480px) of the defect, and we or our authorized seller will arrange a repair or replacement at our discretion, or refund if you request it. ATTENTION! Messages with photos or other attachments greater than 300KB may be blocked by our mailbox. If reducing photos to our specifications is difficult for you, then please send your unreduced photos using a free file transferring service, for example,

Our warranty doesn’t cover fabric damage (unless the fabric is defective) because even the highest quality umbrella fabric cannot be guaranteed to withstand abrasive forces occurring at hard impact between the wiring of the frame and the stricken object. Our Unbreakable Umbrella is for defending against elements (in every meaning of the word) and not for clowning. It is covered in high-quality waterproof fabric, not in abrasion proof or slash proof fabric because it has to look, weigh, and work like a normal umbrella, so do not expect this fabric to be undamaged if you hit heavy bags, baseball bats, and such things with it.

3 reviews for NTOI® Classic Unbreakable® Umbrella U-111

  1. Guy

    “The umbrella is great! I love the way that it opens up (very smooth) and it’s very light yet feels solid. I feel the umbrella would be good in an encounter with more than one attacker or possible protection against a knife, hopefully never have to use it for that! I certainly feel safe walking around with it.”

  2. Steve (store manager)

    Unbreakable® Walking Stick Umbrella Standard Model U-111 Reviews
    Review Star
    SEE CUSTOMER REVIEWS: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. Ron

    I bought this via Amazon but made sure the seller was Tactical Things. It’s a great umbrella, I carry it when out walking the dogs as a bit of extra Security (but as I have working German Shepherds, I probably never will need it). It’s just great for piece of mind and I’m considering the telescopic version sometime soon.

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