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From the Minder range of RFID products as seen on BBC TV “Rip Off Britain”. The Number 1 brand for RFID Protection

The Minder Signal Blocker is a protective storage pouch that is lined with special RPF material, when sealed inside the pouch it prevents wireless signals from communicating to any Car Keys, Mobile Phones and Payment Cards and Passports. A mobile phone cannot receive any calls or alerts, thereby blocking the temptation for a car driver to use or check their phone and eliminating distraction.

The Minder Signal Blocker is also ideal as a tool to discourage phone use in workplaces and classrooms etc. The RPF material also has RFID blocking capabilities, meaning it can protect contactless cards, passports and Keyless car fobs from thieves and fraudsters.

Mobile phone storage pouch

–          Blocks all calls and alerts

–          Stops temptation & eliminates distraction

–          Fits all models of mobile phones

–          Blocks phone calls, Wi-Fi, SMS, & 4G etc, etc

–          Blocks RFID – perfect for keyless car fobs

–          Approximate internal measurements: Standard – 170mm x 105mm

  • Protects against remote entry / keyless entry signals being stolen from Key Fobs.
  • ‘Relay’ theft is on the rise, this can occur even when the car key is inside your house.

STOP – Wireless signals to the Car Keys (Potentially stopping Car Theft as featured on BBC TV Rip Off Britain)

STOP – Potential Fraud with Mobile Pay Methods

STOP – Wireless Data Fraud/Identity Fraud

STOP – Distracted Drivers – By blocking calls/data to the mobile phone, it prevents drivers from being distracted



Minder Personal Attack Alarms the Secured by Design and Sold Secure accreditations mean the product has been independently tested to the highest standards and therefore can be relied upon.


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Grey, Lime Green, Purple, Blue


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