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The NTOI® Key Ring Flashlight is another dual-use product from Never-Thought-of-It LLC:

A key ring flashlight to illuminate or to blind and disorient an attacker…. 380 lumens packed into 3.3 inch x 0.53 inch (84 mm x 13.5 mm) and 0.56 oz (16 gram).

380 lumens with a 10440 battery (included only with flashlights shipped to UK addresses)
210 lumens with a single AAA alkaline battery
Length: 3.3 inch/84 mm
Diameter: 0.53 inch/13.5 mm
Weight: 0.56 oz/16 gram
Aircraft aluminum body
Tailcap switch for one-hand operation
Key-ring slots
Pocket clip
USB charger included

“When I first got the NTOI® Key Ring Flashlight I tried it out on myself just for fun; I literally could not see for 5 minutes.”–

Another dual-use product from Never-Thought-of-It LLC: A key ring flashlight to illuminate or to blind and disorient…. Deniable like all products from Never-Thought-of-It LLC.

  • Legal to carry everywhere
  • Never raises suspicions
  • Lights your way really brightly….

No fumbling in an emergency: It has just one light level–the maximal brightness, plus strobe–at the maximal brightness.

The NTOI® Flashlight will serve you well in self-defence:

  • is bright enough to temporarily blind the attacker—380 lumens will make sure of it;
  • has just one brightness level–the maximal brightness, plus disorienting strobe–at the maximal brightness–so no picking through two or more brightness levels in an emergency;
  • has the on/off button in the flashlight’s butt, so the button can be pressed on with your thumb as you hold the light in the ice-pick grip;
  • is small enough to be carried comfortably and to get out and turn on without fumbling;
  • is sturdy enough to withstand a strong impact.
Self-Defense Flashlight: The NTOI™ Key Ring Flashlight 380 lumens + strobe

The NTOI® Key Ring Flashlight Use and Care Information

a) Press the tailcap switch until it clicks to turn on/off the light.
b) For strobe press the tailcap switch gently (no click) when the light is on.

So, no programming, no cycling through modes like high, low, strobe, no “tap and hold; click to lock on; click again for off” for High, no “fast double-tap (within 0.4 seconds) and hold” for Strobe, or other such complicated operations, just simplicity and reliability. With the NTOI® Key Ring Flashlight you just click the tailcap and the light is on at its blinding 380 lumens, every time. You want strobe, you just press the tailcap gently when the light is on.

The included 10440 battery charges up within 30 minutes.
Do not allow the battery to discharge fully, as this will damage the battery.

How to Use the USB Charger Included with the NTOI® Key Ring Flashlight

To charge the flashlight’s battery do the following.

  1. Unscrew the flashlight’s head (the light should be off while you do this)
  2. In its place screw on the included charger.
  3. Plug in a male Micro-B end of a USB cable into the charger and then connect the other end (Type-A male) of the USB cable to a computer’s USB port or, through an adapter, to a wall outlet. As soon as the charger will be connected to a source of power a green indicator light will turn on.
  4. Click the tail switch. The indicator light will turn red if the battery is not fully charged. During charging the indicator light is red. It turns to green when the battery is fully charged. Clicking the switch commences charging and turns the indicator light red–unless the battery is already fully or nearly fully charged in which case the light stays green.

The NTOI® Flashlight is covered by manufacturer’s Limited Two-Year Warranty. The warranty coverage ends two years from the date of purchase.

The NTOI® Key Ring Flashlight QR code

The NTOI® Key Ring Flashlight QR code

Additional information

Weight 182 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 2.3 × 6.1 cm



NTOI, Never-Thought-of-It LLC  has the know-how to produce inconspicuous, ingenuously simple EDC (everyday carry) gear for situations in which a low profile and compliance with restrictions on weapon possession are a must.

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