NTOI® Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella U-202

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Unbreakable Umbrella

NTOI® Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella U-202 has no unusual parts, does not arouse suspicion, can be carried everywhere, and protects from rain (it is covered in state-of-the-art waterproof fabric). Anyone who can use a stick for defence can use this umbrella their security.

Do you know how to strike with a baton or sturdy stick? If you do, you know all you need to know

Do you practice such martial arts as Hapkido, Kali, or Escrima? Then you know even more and you can truly appreciate this Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella.

Our Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrellas are handcrafted in the European Union from the highest quality materials and perform in rain and wind just like the highest quality rain umbrellas. Frames of Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrellas Model U-202 are hand-made with high-strength steel and polyester-fibreglass laminates. Telescopic shafts of these umbrellas can support well over 100-kg (220-lb.) weight when fully extended and, if not abused, will last more than a lifetime. Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrellas are warranted not to break under normal use.

Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella Model U-202 with steel shaft

Please note: Telescopic shaft of Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella model U-202 is made of high-strength construction steel, not stainless steel. After exposure to water, the shaft needs to be wiped dry and lightly oiled. Should rust spots be allowed to occur, they need to be removed with a Scotch-Brite pad or steel wool, prior to oiling. Oiling is to be done by putting a drop of machine oil on a soft cloth and rubbing both the tube and the rod of the shaft with the cloth.

IMPORTANT: Our Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella is for defending against elements (in every meaning of the word) and not for clowning. It is covered in high-quality waterproof fabric, not in abrasion proof or slash proof fabric because it has to look, weigh, and work like a normal umbrella, so do not expect this fabric to be undamaged if you strike objects with the Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella.

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 49 × 10 × 10 cm



NTOI, Never-Thought-of-It LLC  has the know-how to produce inconspicuous, ingenuously simple EDC (everyday carry) gear for situations in which a low profile and compliance with restrictions on weapon possession are a must.

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    Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella Model U-202
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The Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella Model U-202s with steel shaft is intended for professionals in personal protection business (bodyguards, etc.).

You acknowledge you are a personal protection professional, and capable of using U-202s safely. Being a professional you must realize that since U-202s weighs nearly two pounds (1 lb 10 oz or 745 g), its deniability is low–it doesn’t pass the “stranger test” as easily as our walking-stick umbrellas or U-212s. This has implications for air travel.

For important information on the use and care of U-202s click Use and Care Information