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NTOI® Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Premium U-105

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Unbreakable Umbrella

The NTOI® Unbreakable Premium Walking-Stick Umbrella works just as well as a walking stick or cane but does not make you look funny or feel awkward. Whacks just as strong as a steel pipe but it weighs only 1 lb. and 11 oz (775 g).

  • Handcrafted in limited quantities in Europe, from highest quality materials.
  • Legal to carry everywhere
  • Never raises suspicions
  • Does not make you look silly (no strange looks if carried by an able-bodied person)

Our Unbreakable Umbrella has no unusual parts, no more metal than an average umbrella, it does not arouse suspicion, can be carried legally everywhere where any weapons are prohibited, unlike a walking stick it does not cause strange looks if carried by an able-bodied person, and it does protect from rain. Anyone who can use a stick for defence can use this umbrella for security.

Do you know how to swing a baseball bat? Do you know how to strike with a sturdy stick? If you do, you know all you need to know…

Do you practice such martial arts as hapkido, jodo, kendo, kali, escrima, le baton or la canne? Do you practitice with Chinese weapons or Indian weapons? Then you know even more… and you can truly appreciate this Unbreakable Umbrella .

Additional information

Weight1200 g
Dimensions100 × 10 × 20 cm



NTOI, Never-Thought-of-It LLC  has the know-how to produce inconspicuous, ingenuously simple EDC (everyday carry) gear for situations in which a low profile and compliance with restrictions on weapon possession are a must.

Customer Reviews

I would like to take a moment to tell you how happy I am with my new umbrella. Having been a martial artist for over 30 years I have always wished to find a umbrella that could stand the strain of being used in a true self-defense situation. Your umbrella has answered that call and more! Thank you very much.

Sifu Curtis Hendricks
Springfield, Missouri

I was asked to test the Unbreakable Umbrella and did so with every intention of destroying it. It stood up to every kind of usage I could devise. My testing leads me to believe the Unbreakable Umbrella lives up to its name, and is indeed Unbreakable.

Dave McNeill
Goju-Shorei Systems

The umbrella is great! I love the way that it opens up (very smooth) and it’s very light yet feels solid. I feel the umbrella would be good in an encounter with more than one attacker or possible protection against a knife, hopefully never have to use it for that! I haven’t tried it in the rain. I certainly feel safe walking around with it.

Guy Guneri
London, United Kingdom

I prefer the straight-ended version rather than the curved handle normal type. I like to be able to deliver a direct butt smash to the face, but I suppose the curved handle type looks more innocent. A matter of personal preference really. All types are effective for practical personal protection.

John Roberts-James
Darlington, United Kingdom
Personal Protection Publications

Media Appearances

Concealed Carry Magazine
“The Unbreakable® Umbrella is a premium-quality umbrella that also makes a dynamite impact weapon. Sleek and classically attractive, it flies below radar in even the most non-permissive environments.”—Concealed Carry Magazine, April 2014

NTOI® Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Premium U-105
“This could be the only brolly you ever need. Not only is it strong enough to support the weight of a fully-grown man, it can also be used as a self-defense weapon.

“When wielded with appropriate force it can strike with the power of a steel pipe, and has even become a weapon of choice for the personal security guards of the president of the Philippines. It will keep the rain off, too.”— MSN Tech&Gadgets, February 1, 2011.



A peculiar mix of genteel elegance and chilling weaponry – GIZMAG Emerging Technology MAGAZINE October 10, 2010 issue.

NTOI® Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Premium U-105
National Examiner has featured our Unbreakable® Umbrella in its March 1, 2010 issue.

Umbrella Keeps you Mugger Free

January 2010 FHM Magazine

The Unbreakable Umbrella was recently tested by Stuart Hood from FHM magazine by putting it under an army Chieftain tank. A movie of the testing of ‘unbreakable gadgets that’s cool’ can also be seen.

Latest Radio Broadcasts:

Telegraph News

Telegraph (UK) has featured our Unbreakable Umbrella in its September 16, 2009 issue.


FOX & Friends at FOX News Channel featured our Unbreakable® Umbrella as the story of the day on July 21st. See the story here.

FUJI Television

Fuji Television Network (Japan) featured the Unbreakable® Umbrella in its program called WORLD’S NEWS. The program features amazing people, events and products from all over the world. It aired in September.


Our Unbreakable® Umbrella featured on Thrillist.

Nipon TV

Our sturdy Unbreakable® Umbrella was shown in Japan on Nippon Television Network. See it here.



Limited Lifetime Warranty for Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Premium

Our Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrellas Premium are handcrafted in limited quantities in Europe, from highest quality materials. Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella Premium frames are warranted not to break under normal use (no throwing them under a heavy truck or a train, no chopping with an axe, no banging with a hammer, no throwing into a wood chipper, no setting on fire, or subjecting to other abuses). This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or accident (such as throwing them under a train or a bulldozer, and subjecting to other similar unreasonable stresses), nor does it cover fabric. Any alteration of the Unbreakable Umbrella will void our warranty.

Should the frame of this umbrella break under normal use (whatever is normal for the strongest walking stick, and an umbrella, of course), please contact the seller (Real Self-defense LLC or another authorized seller of the Unbreakable Umbrella from whom you have purchased it), provide a photo of the defect (not larger than 640480, 72dpi), and we will arrange a repair or replacement at our discretion. Please make sure you have your original sales receipt.

Our warranty doesn’t cover fabric damage (unless the fabric is defective) because even the highest quality umbrella fabric cannot be guaranteed to withstand abrasive forces occurring at hard impact between the wiring of the frame and the stricken object. Our Unbreakable Umbrella is for defending against elements (in every meaning of the word) and not for clowning. It is covered in high-quality waterproof fabric, not in abrasion proof or slash proof fabric because it has to look, weigh, and work like a normal umbrella, so do not expect this fabric to be undamaged if you hit heavy bags, baseball bats, and such things with it.


  • Model U-105 (with crook handle)
  • Main rod: Proprietary composite
  • Handle: wide crook
  • Ribs: steel
  • Length: 34 in/864 mm
  • Open diameter: 43 in/1092 mm
  • Weight: 1 lb. 11 oz./775 g
  • Each umbrella comes with a fabric sleeve/sheath
  • Made in Poland

1 review for NTOI® Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Premium U-105

  1. Lynsay

    “What excellent build quality, an excellent umbrella that looks like it will last years and years of use. The curved handle version I bought makes it fine as a walking stick for me, and it feels good to have it around when I am out and about late at night. I am going to order another for my family, this really is a solid, impressive piece of kit.

    “You can quote me on that too if you wish (please hide my email).”

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